Bipolar Mania Research Study

The INSTITUTE for BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE in Smyrna, GA is currently looking for boys and girls ages 10 to 17 to study an investigational medication.

Boys and girls who volunteer and qualify will participate in the research study for seven weeks. All study medication and study-related medical care will be given at no charge to study participants, and health insurance is not required to participate. In order to qualify, boys and girls must be diagnosed with bipolar I disorder, with the most recent bipolar episode being manic. Doctors at the study site will make other evaluations to make sure volunteers qualify to participate.

Participating boys and girls will have an equal chance of receiving the investigational medication or placebo. The research study will be conducted at 60 to 70 sites across the U.S., and will enroll approximately 180 boys and girls with bipolar I disorder.  

Click for the study flyer, or visit for more information.

To see if you might qualify, contact IFBM Research at 770-319-8025 M-Th or 678-250-3775

Ask for Diana or Charlene, or complete the form below: