Welcome to Institute for Behavioral Medicine. Since 2004, our center has been a facilitator of comprehensive mental health care to families in the metro Atlanta region, serving Child, Adolescent and Adult clients.

The outpatient clinic begins with psychiatric evaluation necessary to identify mood and behavioral health disorders. Options for conservative medications management are discussed with clients and caregivers when appropriate and consistent with excellent standard of care. Referrals to psychologists, therapists, research participation, inpatient care, and cutting edge treatment options facilitate the building of a full treatment team for those individuals who would benefit from comprehensive mental health care.

IFBM conducts clinical research trials on site evaluating on treating mental health problems.

Currently we are conducting studies including mood and anxiety disorders, bipolar or manic-depression, attention deficit disorders, Fibromyalgia and schizophrenia. Most of our clinical studies involve taking medication and are approved by community Investigational Review Boards to insure that they are conducted appropriately with your safety in mind. Dr Ashraf Attalla, MD is the medical director and board certified clinical research investigator. We have been involved in clinical trials for over 7 years. If you are interested to participate in a study please contact our Research staff at (770) 319-8025